We are dedicated to the cultivation of plants with the culture and passion that come from experience: we are nurseries for three generations.
Our growth has been accomplished in the specialization of the cultivation of fruit trees and roses, dedicating our time looking for quality rather than quantity, in full accordance with the requirements of our customers.
The love and respect for nature guide our professionalism that makes use of tools up to date with the continuing improvements that technology offers.
We grow our plants in 24 acres of open field production in addition to the 3-hectare protected area of ??production in a container.
We only sell what we produce and we turn to wholesalers and retailers in the hobby sector.
The excellent value for money we can get it with a balanced mix of professionalism, expertise in manufacturing and organizational skills.
The family-run allows us to transfer the passion and love for our work in all of our employees.
The summary of what we are has been realized in our hallmark (hq-garden), with which we guarantee correspondence and quality of our products.

Flormart 2019 - FIERA DI PADOVA

The total computerized control of the production chain, in full compliance with European standards, allows us to guarantee the quality and standardization of our products.
All our plants are certified by clear labeling which aims to provide all the information with the utmost transparency of the production traceability.

Our company is the result of years of refinement of the operating procedure, the ability to select our partners in order to get the best raw materials and, not least, an established client base that with his confidence confirms the quality of our work .
Our size allows us to have a direct and continuous contact with our clients while maintaining high quality in the cultivation methods and fonitura of our products to the best industry standards.

The wide area of movement of our company enables us to meet the diverse needs of our customers, and load easily perform various additional processes in the dispatch of the plants.
We ship quickly all over Italy and in every country of the European Community with the best national and European carriers.

We are able to handle each type of shipment in each type of standard pallets or constructed ad hoc to meet the needs of the customer. Upon request, as an additional service, it is possible to label individual plants so that the customer can get the product ready for sale.
We maintain full flexibility in any application packaging and shipping, please contact us.


HQ-GARDEN is a hallmark of which is the work and
effort, completed in three generations of nurseries.
Product quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction,
the main objectives and strategies established.